Maintenance of Metal Detector and Magnetic Filter


The new version 8 of the IFS Food regulatory standardization requires maintenance of the metal detection and extraction systems in production processes in the food industry to be carried out at least once a year, in addition to checks of proper functioning based on the risk in each factory of appearance of metal contamination.

It is recommended that an annual review be carried out by the supplier of the magnetic detector or filter. However, below we give a series of tips and instructions on how to review and maintain these metal detection and extraction systems in food manufacturing.

Maintenance of a metal detector

At each activation, it is necessary to check the following:

  • That the metal detector is not mechanically damaged
  • Let the metal detector detect test particles
  • For metal detectors with a conveyor belt, ensure that the belt is not damaged
  • For pressure systems, ensure that the connections are sufficiently sealed.

After each deactivation, the cleanliness must be visually checked and the device cleaned if necessary.

For long-lasting and quality operation, it is recommended that maintenance personnel perform periodic checks that should include:

  • System cleanliness control
  • Control of the electrical installation
  • Control of system operation
  • Ejection system test
  • Checking (and lubricating if necessary) the transport system.
  • Elimination of minor defects.

Maintenance of a magnetic filter

To carry out cleaning and maintenance operations on a magnetic filter, a series of precautions must be taken as they are permanent magnets that are always active. These precautions on the part of maintenance personnel are:

  • You should not carry ferromagnetic objects, such as iron tools, credit cards, mobile phones or computers, etc.
  • Do not perform tasks near electronic devices, measuring instruments, magnetic cards, precision mechanical components.
  • Do not wear a pacemaker.

Cleaning the magnetic filter will be carried out by removing the set of magnetic bars from inside, loosening and removing the threads that hold it to the housing and opening its door to extract them. Next, the stainless steel sheath that surrounds the neodymium bars is removed; When removing these, all the adhered metal particles will fall when they leave the magnetic field. It will be time to clean the cover with a clean, soft, damp cloth. VERY IMPORTANT: the neodymium bars should not be touched, once the steel sheath that surrounds them is clean, put them back inside it and mount the magnetic filter.


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