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Metal contamination in chemical manufacturing can occur at any stage of the production process, from raw material extraction to processing and manufacturing. For example, metal contamination often occurs in metal-containing power supplies, pipelines, and production equipment, as well as cross-contamination during storage and transportation.

What solutions do we offer at Dragoelectr贸nica for the chemical sector?

The selection of the metal separator or detector depends on the type of metal, as well as the characteristics of the chemical product and the amount of metal present in the solution. In addition, it is necessary to consider factors such as process efficiency, cost and environmental impact of the selected technique.

ATEX certification, essential in many processes in the chemical industry

A very important factor to consider when installing a separator or metal detector in the process of a chemical product is its explosive level. At Dragoelectr贸nica, we certify our equipment for ATEX zones 21 and 22.

Manufacturing with ATEX certification

Metal detectors for chemicals

Magnetic filters for the chemical industry

How to separate metals in continuous processes of chemical products

Based on the characteristics of the chemical product to be decontaminated, such as granulometry, humidity, explosiveness or temperature, and the conditions of the continuous process (flow rate, dimensions of the medium through which it is transported, etc.), as well as the space available for the separation device, we decide the type of magnetic filter and adapt its measurements to the particular situation of the product manufacturer. We offer solutions for the extraction of extremely small ferromagnetic particles without affecting the flow of the product, whether liquid, solid or pasty.

Magnetic separation adapted to the characteristics of the product and the process.

Metal detectors for bulk or packaged products

In addition to the product analysis and handling conditions of the bulk product, if it is about detecting metals in packaged products, we analyse the dimensions and quality of the packaging to decide and adapt the most appropriate type of detector. We also offer systems with alarm and ejection upon detection, to avoid downtime in the production process.

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