Experience since 1975 in design and manufacturing of solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous decontamination in bulk industrial processes.

Industrial metal detectors

Solutions for processes in the mining industry that protect mills and crushers, and also in the recycling, solid waste treatment, wood, steel, ceramic, mineral, metal mining, chemical coal, food and pharmacy industries, and many more.

Top quality manufacturing in
stainless steel and FDA requirements

Metal detectors for industrial processes in the food industry

Detection systems for ferrous and non-ferrous metals for the treatment of agricultural products, meat, etc., both in bulk and packaged.

Metal detectors for industrial processes in the pharmaceutical industry

Detection systems for any type of metal with a specific hygienic design for the handling of medications.

Metal detectors for industrial processes in the chemical industry

Ferrous and non-ferrous metal detection systems that ensure decontamination of metals in chemical products such as fertilisers, resins, pigments, collagens, available with ATEX certification.

Magnetic Separators

Design and manufacture of magnetic separators with neodymium or ferrite magnets, with a manual or automatic cleaning system, adapted to each industrial process and material to be decontaminated, regardless of the handling or transport system in question.

Permanent magnets

For the extraction of ferrous metals in continuous processes on a conveyor belt. Available in ferrite or neodymium quality.


Magnets fed with electric current to increase their power, suitable for the extraction of large metal parts.

Magnetic separators in food and pharmaceuticals

Top quality magnetic filters with a stainless steel finish and in compliance with FDA requirements for the extraction of metal particles of any size.

Eddy current separators

Inductive separation system to separate non-ferrous steels such as aluminium, copper or bronze, ideal for the recovery of non-ferrous metals.

Concentric eddy current separators

Eccentric eddy current separators

Eddy separators for the extraction of non-ferrous and stainless metals

Magnetic drums

Drums made with ferrite or neodymium magnets suitable for the capture and separation of ferrous particles in small granulometries.

Body-mounted magnetic drum

Magnetic drum located inside a casing that allows inlet flow regulation with two outlets, one for the decontaminated material and another for the outlet of the extracted ferrous metal particles.

High gradient magnetic drum

Manufactured with permanent neodymium magnets in N52 quality capable of extracting stainless steel

Magnetic pulleys

A magnetic pulley replaces the drive drum at the end of the conveyor belt, extracting iron particles from the material that circulates on the belt.