Dragoelectrónica in the agri-food industry


Dragoelectrónica metal detection and magnetic separation in the agri-food industry.

At Dragoelectrónica we provide solutions in metal detection and magnetic separation for metal particle decontamination in the food industry in order to avoid cost overruns due to product rejection and ensure food quality in compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) regulations.

Magnetic separation systems for the food industry

These consist of magnetic filters adapted to the production process with different functions,
for the extraction of extremely small ferromagnetic particles, rotary filters to help the product flow, with automatic or manual removal of metal impurities, filters for liquid or pasty products.

We propose a solution for each particular case depending on the type and morphology of the product, granulometry, humidity and temperature. Not only this, we also study the characteristics of the process: flow rate, conveyor system (pipe, conveyor belt, channel), diameter, section, horizontal pipe, vertical pipe, etc.

Metal detectors in the food industry

These are metal detectors to locate ferrous contamination, stainless steel or non-ferrous metals in processes with bulk or packaged products.

In the case of packaged products, we also study the material and dimensions of the packages, the distance between them, the transport system and its characteristics. We also offer systems with alarm and ejection upon detection, to avoid downtime in the production process and non-conformities with the end customer.

Origin of metal contamination in the agri-food sector

The sources of contamination can be diverse, from the handling of the raw material with metal tools, for example detachment or breakage of meat chopping machinery, or the use of metal components such as wires in tree pruning and vineyard trellises.

Magnetic separation in cereal milling

Metal detection in breakage or wear in machinery or tools

Metal detection and separation in meat processing

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