DEP 7-2


Electromagnets are magnetic separators whose main characteristic is that they are provided with a coil made of aluminium plate, which, upon receiving the appropriate electrical power, activates said coil, turning the machine into a powerful magnet.

An industrial electromagnet has the advantage over a permanent magnet, as it has more power and can therefore work over greater distances, separate heavier weights of iron, in high flow rates or with a high conveyor belt speed.

Industrial electromagnets from Dragoelectrónica

At Dragoelectrónica we design and manufacture custom electromagnetic separators for industrial processes where the working conditions and characteristics of the bulk solid product require high magnetic power in the capture of ferrous metals.

In turn, electromagnet magnetic separators can be manufactured in two formats: with manual or automatic cleaning. In the case of manual cleaning, cleaning is carried out by cutting off the electrical supply to the electromagnet, so the metals adhered to it fall when they lose magnetism. In the case of automatic cleaning, it consists of an overband electromagnetic separator, i.e. the metals that are separated by the electromagnet are ejected thanks to a belt that rotates around it, and when they are outside the magnetic zone, they fall off the main conveyor belt.

Uses of the electromagnet in industry

Common cases are, for example, in RCD plants (Recovery of concrete from demolitions) where it is necessary to separate the ferrous rods that reinforce the concrete, sometimes with large concrete granulometries, which is a quite heavy assembly to separate.

In cement plants, where the production of different materials is very high, treating large flow rates and therefore significant belt widths, with large material heights and high belt speeds.

In coal plants, where heavy metals can be found.

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