Industrial sectors

Solutions for all industrial sectors in metal detection and separation. We design and manufacture custom detectors and separators adapted to each sector and industry.

Magnetic separation in heavy industry sectors

Dragoelectrónica’s purpose is to detect and separate ferrous metals in large industrial facilities with continuous material processing, such as the extraction and processing of minerals, wood treatment, foundries and metal manufacturing, etc.


Metal detection and separation systems for the protection of secondary and tertiary mills.

Metallurgy and steel industry

Solutions for the use of foundry sand from moulds.

Wood industry

Magnetic separators to extract metals found in the treatment of used wood or with possible metal contamination.


Magnetic separation in recycling

At Dragoelectrónica we provide comprehensive solutions for recycling plants, with separators with automatic overband cleaning, eddy current separators and stainless steel separators.

Urban solid waste treatment

Powerful magnetic separation solutions for the extraction of large metal pieces.

Classification of metals for recycling

We provide magnetic separation solutions using eddy currents and high gradient drums to separate ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless metals from each other.

Magnetic separation in the glass, paper, plastic, wood recycling industry

We adapt our models of magnetic separators and detectors to each plant depending on working conditions and the product to be decontaminated.


Magnetic separation in the food industry

We have a wide range of models of magnetic filters, magnetic grids and metal detectors with a hygienic design for the detection and extraction of all types of metal particles, regardless of their size and whether they are ferrous or not.

Agri-food industy

Solutions for the treatment of processed vegetables in the canning industry. The quality of our separators and detectors guarantee food safety in industrial food processes.

Meat industry

Magnetic separators and detectors designed for the flow of pasty or sticky products, such as processed meat.

Other food industries

Due to our wide range of magnetic detectors and separators, and our ability to adapt to each process, we offer solutions for any food processing industry, such as seeds, flour production, fish handling, etc.


Magnetic separation in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

At Dragoelectrónica we have a wide range of metal detectors and magnetic separators that we adapt to each industrial process in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector, depending on the characteristics of the product to be treated. If needed, we design and manufacture equipment with ATEX certification for zone 21 and 22.

Pharmaceutical industry

Our GEF model metal detector is specially designed for the pharmaceutical sector with an automatic separation of any pill contaminated with metal.

Chemical industry with ATEX certification requirement

For the treatment of flammable and explosive products, all our detectors and separators can be designed to be ATEX certified.

Other chemical industries

For each product and process, we have a solution for metal separation and detection, regardless of the granulometry, humidity of the product and the size of the metal particle to be detected or extracted.