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Metal detection and magnetic separation in bulk solids processing

At Dragoelectrónica we design and manufacture metal detection and magnetic separation solutions for the mining sector, recycling sector, food industry sector, chemical sector and pharmaceutical industry, adapted to each process and working conditions. Tailor-made solutions to ensure metal-free industrial processes, reducing the investment cost and increasing the quality of the final product.

Depending on the product to be decontaminated, the type of metals to be extracted and the working conditions in the installation, we design and manufacture custom industrial metal detectors or magnetic separators.

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A. Tristany Comas in the framework of the Export Initiation Program of the ICEXNEXT Program, has been supported by ICEX and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.


Our magnetic separation solutions for the detection and classification of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

We provide different types of magnetic separation depending on the needs of the process and the type of material to be decontaminated:

Dragoelectrónica Metal Detection Systems

Highly reliable solutions for detecting magnetic and non-magnetic metals.

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