Heavy industry


Dragoelectr贸nica, your best partner for the protection of mills and crushing machinery in heavy industry

At Dragoelectr贸nica we have been providing customised solutions in magnetic separation and metal detection in mining, metallurgy and steel, the wood industry and the ceramic sector for more than two generations. Based on the characteristics of the material to be decontaminated and the working conditions, we propose a solution adapted to each situation in order to ensure reliability and adjust the cost of the investment.

Mining: protection of mills in mining

We protect secondary and tertiary mills from contamination from the wear and tear of upstream process machinery or from other sources, e.g. tools, in:

Separator with electromagnet model DEP

Overband type ODEP

Overband with Permanent Magnet

Magnetic separation in metallurgy and steel

For the steel industry, we propose customised solutions to extract the various metals contained within the moulds used in foundries.

Solutions for the recycling of aluminium smelting sands

Solutions for the recycling of iron smelting sands

Solutions for the recycling of stainless steel cast iron sands

Extraction of metals for wood processing

For the wood industry, we design and manufacture metal separation and detection equipment to extract all types of metal such as pellets in logs, nails, screws and pallet staples, recycling of wood used in construction, wood powder treatment for pellet manufacturing, etc.

Log spacers

Magnetic Separators for Pellets

Magnetic separators for chips and sawdust

Other heavy industry sectors that rely on Dragoelectr贸nica.

In addition to the mining industry, steel industries and wood processing, we design and manufacture magnetic separators for the ceramic sector, whether for the treatment of quarried earth, for the crushing of old ceramics, in diamond mining or in the glass industry. We offer a solution for every industry and every process.

Magnetic separators for the ceramic industry

Separators for the treatment of fertilisers

Magnetic separators for carbon black

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