Magnetic separators: Food and pharmaceutical industry



At Dragoelectrónica, we have a wide range of magnetic filters, grills and magnetic grates adaptable to any process in the food industry. We provide magnetic filters for agribusiness and any other sector with risk of contamination from ferrous and non-ferrous metals derived from the treatment of raw materials.

Types of magnetic separators for the food industry

At Dragoelectrónica, we adapt all models of magnetic filters to the client’s needs, based on the characteristics of the product to be decontaminated and the production facility.

Magnetic filters to ensure food quality due to metal contamination

Any magnetic filter or grill offered by Dragoelectrónica is made of stainless steel with an unbeatable quality finish, avoiding any contamination by the separator itself and the risk of dirt accumulation inside. They have easy-to-use systems for the removal of extracted metal particles, as well as for maintenance and cleaning tasks They are manufactured in accordance with FDA instructions and can be ATEX certified for zone 22 if necessary.

Other magnetic separation solutions

In addition to magnetic filters, we have a range of magnetic grills and magnetic hopper grates.

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