Magnetic drum for stainless steel

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For the separation and use of any stainless steel that your product may contain.

At Dragoelectrónica, we have designed and manufactured a drum magnetic separator that is easy to integrate into any bulk solids process, where the separation of slightly ferrous metals is previously needed, either to complete a decontamination process with maximum guarantee or for the treatment and recycling of these.

Types of magnetic drums from Dragoelectrónica

For the separation of very small metal particles in production processes where the height of the layer of material circulating on the belt is not very high, the magnetic drum at the end of the conveyor belt is the best solution to ensure metal decontamination. To do this, we can provide three types of magnetic drums tailored to the production process.

Stainless steel separation with magnetic drums

It is a small tape with custom width whose driving drum is made with permanent magnets of neodymium N52, iron and boron, generating a very powerful magnetic field capable of separating stainless steel up to AISI304 quality.

Uses of Magnetic Drum Separator

Magnetic drums are usually useful in recycling processes, where it is desired to separate and recover the different metal fractions. In the recycling of household appliances, incineration ashes, foundry slag and in the recycling of metals in general Furthermore, this separator is also very often used in the chemical industry (for cleaning pigments), in the production of refractory materials (for cleaning refractory materials, chamotte, abrasives, etc.), for the extraction and processing of raw materials and minerals (classical application during the enrichment and cleaning of feldspars, manganese, pegmatite, bauxite, magnesite, titanium, staurolite, hematite, barite, bentonite, potash, quartz, diamonds, rare earths, boron, gold, scandium, iron ore, talc, zircon and many others).

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