Drago Electrónica et Sidma : fusion stratégique

BARCELONA. 1/1/2024. Drago Electrónica et Sidma sont heureux d’annoncer officiellement le début d’une nouvelle phase passionnante pour les deux organisations. The combination of both companies represents a joint effort to leverage synergies and further strengthen our position in the various industries in which we operate (Aggregates, Mining, Recycling, Food, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical).

Union of Forces
strong, lbWe aim to combine our individual strengths to offer added value to our clients. The fusion will optimize our resources, share specialized knowledge, and improve operational efficiency.

Benefits for Our Clients
The main goal is to enhance the quality of our products/services. We firmly believe that this union will allow us to offer more innovative and efficient solutions that will benefit all our customers, significantly increasing market activity.

Unified Leadership and Operational Continuity
Throughout the merger process, both companies are committed to ensuring operational continuity and minimizing any impact. Our goal is for the transition to be as smooth as possible. We have a highly experienced team, bringing a culture of safe, productive, and high- quality work.

Renewed Image
Accompanying this new period, the company’s image has been modernized, reflecting its evolution and growth. La fusion de Drago Electrónica et Sidma représente une étape stratégique dans notre quête commune de l’excellence. We are committed to success and look forward to continuing to provide high-quality solutions to our clients and partners.

Gratitude and Expectations
We thank our customers, suppliers, and employees for their continued support over the years. We are excited about this new stage and eagerly anticipate the opportunities that will arise from this fusion. With over forty years of experience, we have become one of the leading reference companies.


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