Dragoelectrónica, is a company dedicated to the production, marketing and after-sales service of equipment for the detection and / or separation of metals in continuous manufacturing processes that may contain metallic particles at some point of their production that must be eliminated. Our main clients are companies dedicated to stone extraction from quarries, mining, food, chemical products, recycling, textiles, etc.

Our mission is to provide solutions to customers, always listening to their demands in order to achieve their full satisfaction and continously working on our improvement.

The Management of Dragoelectrónica focuses on the Quality System as a way to organize the operation of the company based on a few basic pillars such as the quality of its services, customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the System.

Thus, the Quality Management of Dragoelectrónica internalizes:

  • All members of the company, starting from the top positions, are in charge of the  quality management and its improvement.
  • An annual plan of objectives and milestones with the aim to improve the quality of our clients.
  • Quality is obtained by planning, executing, reviewing and improving the Management System, keeping in mind at all times the context of the organization, both internal and external.
  • Quality should be oriented towards the satisfaction of all interested parties, through the commitment of the entire organization to meet their needs and requirements, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements and those of the services themselves (reliability of the equipment, reliability in the stocks, punctuality in deliveries to customers, identification of nonconformities and taking corrective measures to prevent unsatisfactory services).
  • Quality is based on the continuous improvement of both the productive processes and the service, as well as the effectiveness of the Quality Management. Error prevention is a fundamental aspect.
  • Quality directs us to pay the utmost attention to the technological evolution and the possible improvements that new technologies put at our disposal.
  • Quality requires the participation and collaboration of all members of the organization. Our policy is disseminated to all company personnel for their knowledge and understanding.
  • For the effective application of these principles and objectives, Dragoelectrónica trusts in the support of the management and the entire team.

The Management

Barcelona, 20th of September of 2018