DRAGOELECTRÓNICA is a Spanish company that designs, manufactures, sells and offers a post-sale service for metal detectors, magnetic separators and eddy current separators. These machines are used in production processes that may be contaminated with metallic particles that must be removed for quality/safety purposes, as well as in metal classification processes.

Our registered office is at Calle Balmes, 430, Barcelona (Spain) and our factory is on Calle La Lapa, 15, San Isidro Industrial Estate, Don Benito, Badajoz (Spain).

DRAGOELECTRÓNICA’s goal is to provide solutions that are tailored to our customer’s requirements and informed by our extensive experience in metal-free processes. Our aim is to achieve complete customer satisfaction as we commit to a process of continuous improvement and growth.

The DRAGOELECTRÓNICA management views our quality management system as a way of organising the company’s operations based on fundamental principles such as the quality of its services, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the system’s effectiveness, based on ISO standard 9001: 2015. Therefore, DRAGOELECTRÓNICA’s quality management system is based on the following principles:

  • Quality and quality improvement are the responsibility of everyone involved in the company, starting with the management.
  • Goals and milestones will be planned yearly to help improve the quality of service our customers receive.
  • Quality is achieved through planning, executing, reviewing and improving the quality control system, always bearing both the internal and external context of the business in mind.
  • Quality management is geared towards the satisfaction of all stakeholders through a company-wide commitment to meet their needs and requirements. This commitment extends to meeting legal and regulatory requirements, as well as those of our services (equipment reliability, stock reliability, timely delivery to customers, identification of non-conformities and implementation of corrective measures to prevent unsatisfactory services).
  • Quality relies on the continuous improvement of production processes, of service delivery, and also of the effectiveness of the quality management system, where error prevention is a key aspect.
  • Quality leads us to pay the utmost attention to technological developments and the possible improvements that new technologies may offer us.
  • Quality requires participation and collaboration from everyone, which is why this policy is distributed to all company personnel, so they are aware of it and understand it.

The Management

                                  Barcelona, 10 January 2023