For more than 40 years, our company has dedicated to the manufacture of metal particle detection and separation systems. The applications of our equipment are very wide and varied. We can say that our metal detectors and magnetic separators are useful in the continuous production processes that can be contaminated by metal particles at a given time of production and therefore should be eliminated. Depending on the nature of the polluting metal, its size and quantity, a suitable system is required for each specific case.

Our technical office and our R & D department analyzes and solves the problems that our clients present us to eliminate contaminating metal particles.


The metal detector manufactured by DRAGO ELECTRONICA consists of an electronic circuit sensitive to the magnetic field variations caused by a metallic object, whatever the characteristics of its magnetic behavior.

The electronic detectors are activated by the presence of a metallic material in a sensitive area, and the non-metallic materials are completely insensitive to the detector.

The use of permanent magnets and electromagnets in key locations of the facilities is increasingly widespread, because they are a practical and effective solution and contribute to facilitate work in the continuous process industries.

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After more than 40 years of travel, continuous growth and expansion, our philosophy has been and remains to be with our customers. We are known for providing solutions to the contamination problems that may arise due to the presence of metals in the bulk products treated in their facilities.

Our journey has not been easy, and we have encountered difficulties in our path, but they have made us more solid and more solvent, more agile and more decisive; in short, they have helped us grow and improve day by day for the benefit of our past, present and future clients.

We would not have been able to get here without the invaluable help of our human team, we would not have been able to grow and improve without our external collaborators and, of course, we would never have gotten that far without our clients.

Thank you all for continuing to trust us.


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