Our metal detectors stand out due to the following characteristics they possess:

Sensitivity: Their electronic circuits detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals, from large to very small particles.

Benefits provided: Protects the final consumer from the presence of metal in their foodstuffs. Qualitative advantages for the final product. Protects machinery against the infiltration of metals, thus avoiding serious breakdowns.

Optimal integration into your production process: Adaptable to any stage of the process: Suitable for all types of transport systems. Personalised design completely adjusted to your own production process.

Highly developed technology: User-friendly and adjustable product effect compensation and multi-product memory.

Customer support: Consultancy and analysis for products and product testing, machinery testing and end-user training. Worldwide after-sales service.


Metal detector suitable for the food industry. Easily integrated into production lines. Can be used as a systematic solution, in combination with conveyor belt and automatic rejection systems. The rejection system removes the contaminated product automatically without halting the production process. High sensitivity and stable operability.

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Metal detector suitable for the food industry. Double coil metal detector, with conveyor belt and detection-based rejection system. Ideal for both packaged and loose products.  Metal-free zone guaranteed. Solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. Continuous, constant production. Tailored rejection system for each customer.

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GRF MODEL – tubular detector

Metal detector suitable for the food industry and others. Metal detector for free-fall systems, piping etc.  Designed for inspecting bulk or granulated products such as flour, cereals and powders. High production flow, compact design, can be installed in a small space, cannot be installed at high heights. Highly sensitive and stable.

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GFM MODEL – tubular detector

Metal detector for piping. The GFM metal detector is an update of the GRF model metal detector for piping, with additional features such as the integration of a magnetic separator (a magnetic grille is incorporated in front of the detector coil). It is compatible with already existing systems and horizontal, vertical or sloping vacuum and pressure conveyor pipes. The GFM metal detector incorporates a bypass or automatic ejection system and an optional prior magnetic grille system to separate very small ferromagnetic particles, with extremely easy cleaning.

GRM detector tubular
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Metal detector for filler machines and thick or chunky products. Special metal detector for sausages, liquid and thick or chunky products (soups, sauces, sausage meat, jams and marmalades…), water-based and viscous products, in extremely high-speed as well as extremely low-speed transport systems.   Its special design means that humidity and water condensation are not a problem. High-pressure water cleaning is possible due to IP67 sealing. Very easily integrated into existing pipework using standardised pipe connectors. Suitable for vacuum filling machines manufactured by Handtmann, Vemag, Rex, Frey, etc. Circular opening for installation in horizontal or vertical pumping systems. Rapid and precise rejection with minimal wastage. High sensitivity and stable operability.

Modelo GEP
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Metal detector for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Detecting metallic impurities in the pharmaceutical industry is particularly important for customer safety.

The pharmaceutical industry metal detectors have the following features:

  • Detection of ferrous and non-ferrous particles.
  • High sensitivity, stability and precision.
  • Minimal number of false detections.
  • Automatic calibration for stable operability.
  • Manual or automatic compensation of the product effect is possible.
  • 30 different products can be stored.
  • Transparent and user-friendly multilevel menus.
  • Password-protected critical configuration.
  • A settings record can be exported to a USB memory device.

GEF metal detector

Installation at the end of the

production chain.

High-precision detection.

Can detect ferrous and non-ferrous particles.


Cleaning system for removing dust and other product residues.


Typical application examples A B C
Material to be ground Árido Árido Árido
Granulometry in mm. 0/60 0/120 0/200
Belt width in mm. 800 800 800
Belt speed in m/sec 1 1 1
Material layer height in mm. Árido Árido Árido
Recommended detector model ER GR GR