Metal Detectors

For more than 40 years, our company has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the detection, removal and/or classification of metals for the protection of crushing machinery and/or final product quality improvement.

The diversity of Drago Electrónica’s range of equipment when it comes to metal detectors and magnetic separators allows our business to adapt to the requirements of any industry.

Our technical department is prepared to study and resolve any problem with which our customers approach them relating to the removal of contaminant metal particles. We set ourselves apart through our individually tailored approach and by offering an excellent post-sale service to all our customers.

Our metal detectors stand out due to the following characteristics they possess:

  • Sensitivity:Their electronic circuits detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals, from large to very small particles.
  • Benefits provided:
    • Protects the final consumer from the presence of metal in their foodstuffs.
    • Qualitative advantages for the final product.
    • Protects machinery against the infiltration of metals, thus avoiding serious breakdowns.
  • Optimal integration into your production process:
    • Adaptable to any stage of the process.
    • Suitable for all types of transport systems.
    • Personalised design completely adjusted to your own production process.
  • Highly developed technology:
    • User-friendly and adjustable product effect compensation and multi-product memory.
  • Customer support:
    • Consultancy and analysis for products and product testing, machinery testing and end-user training.
    • Worldwide after-sales service.