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Our magnetic separators stand out due to their following main features:

Efficiency: These are entirely automatic magnetic filtration and purification systems, with barely any interruptions in operability from installation onwards.

Attributes: Protects the final consumer from the presence of metal in their foodstuffs. Qualitative advantages for the final product. Protects machinery against the infiltration of metals, thus avoiding serious breakdowns.

Optimal integration into your production process: Adaptable to any stage of the process. Suitable for all types of transport systems. Personalised design completely adjusted to your own production process.

Highly developed technology: Effective separation even for the smallest ferromagnetic particles. User-friendly and easily adjustable.

Customer support: Consultancy and analysis for products and product testing, machinery testing and end-user training. Worldwide after-sales service.


Magnetic Filters: This kind of magnetic filter does not consume energy; it does not need auxiliary equipment and maintenance is limited to only the removal of attracted contaminating particles.

  • Magnetic Grids: The location of this kind of grid can vary greatly. They are normally located at the entrance of the hoppers, pipes or canals. Its function is to separate ferrous metal circulating through these systems. The careful selection of grill dimensions ensures minimum resistance to the flow of material.  They do not consume energy and are easy to clean.
  • Semi-self-cleaning Grids and Filters: They do not consume energy and are very easy to clean. Thanks to the correct study and positioning of the magnetic bars, cleaning is extremely simple. It is enough just to remove the grid or filter from the drawer and clean it with a cloth or with compressed air.
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Extraction of extremely small, fine ferromagnetic particles in powdery or granulated products.

Installation in vertical piping (free-falling material).

Adjustable according to the type of raw material and transport features.

Manual or automatic cleaning (through hydraulic or pneumatic systems).

During cleaning, the magnetic elements are extracted from the protector tube, so as the ferromagnetic material is deposited in the container designed for this purpose.

Reja magnética RME
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The revolving magnetic grille is a magnetic filter that separates ferromagnetic particles. Its main feature is that it helps the product flow due to its spinning magnetic bars.  They therefore help the already purified product towards the exit. The magnetic bars are covered in stainless steel sleeves.  By means of a pneumatic system, these sleeves are withdrawn from the separator and the ferrous contaminating particles are released into a reservoir outside the separator, without the need for manual cleaning by the user. There is also a manual cleaning option.

Reja magnética rotativa RMR
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Magnetic filter suitable for the food industry and plastics.

Extraction of extremely small particles for powdered or granulated products.

Installable in vertical piping or vertical product transport systems.

Manual or automatic cleaning possible via a hydraulic or pneumatic system.

To clean the filter, just remove the bars from the stainless steel sleeve so that all the ferrous material trapped by the bars comes off and is collected in a container or small hopper prepared for this purpose.

Reja magnética RMA
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Automatic removal of metallic impurities.

These are manufactured to order, adapting to our customers’ needs.

Useful for separating ferrous particles longer than 5mm.

The product falls through the magnetic grid, the ferrous particles are trapped in the magnetic bars which, at the chosen programmed intervals, carry out an automatic cleaning of this magnetic system. This will be done through a move to the left or the right, as required.

The advantage here is that the production process never needs to be stopped.

Reja magnética automática RMAA
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Magnetic filters are used for separating ferrous particles in liquid, thick or chunky products.  They are also very often used in hydraulic circuits and refrigeration systems.

Extremely efficient operability. Their structure and finish make cleaning the magnetic bars extremely fast and simple.

This type of filter can be manufactured with any dimensions.

Stainless steel design (AISI 304/316) suitable for the food industry.

The separation between the magnetic bars will depend on the product to be handled.

On request, special flanges can be included to allow for exposure to high pressures. Depending on requirements, the magnetic force can be increased and the working temperature can also be increased up to a maximum of 150ºC.

Filtro magnético para líquidos
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These are magnetic purifiers suitable for the removal of metallic particles contained in any kind of more or less smooth liquid product, or powdered or very fine granulated products.

The TMM magnetic separator can be made with neodymium or ferrite magnets, depending on the power required and the type of product to be purified.

To facilitate the subsequent cleaning of the collected contaminants, the product flow must be temporarily halted, or diverted away from the magnet.  When the hatch is opened, the door is removed from the casing tube, allowing cleaning and avoiding any potential danger of contaminants being reintroduced into the production process. For tubes of a larger diameter, we have designed sliding doors to make the cleaning process easier.

Torpedo magnético
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These are particularly suited to separating ferrous particles from powdered raw materials, as this system ensures minimum resistance to the product flow.

Manufactured with neodymium magnetic plates.  Stainless steel casing is used (AISI 304 or AISI 316 as requested), meaning this product is suitable for food industry use.

Please consult our commercial department to determine the dimensions.

This type of magnetic tube is also very suitable for the extraction of ferrous particles from material streams where particles of larger dimensions are found, for example, wood or plastic particles.

These systems are extremely easy to clean.

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Typical application examples A B C
Material to be ground Árido Árido Árido
Granulometry in mm. 0/60 0/120 0/200
Belt width in mm. 800 800 800
Belt speed in m/sec 1 1 1
Material layer height in mm. Árido Árido Árido
Recommended detector model ER GR GR