SINCE 1975

For more than 40 years, our company has been dedicated to the manufacture of metal particle detection and separation systems. The applications of our equipment are very wide and varied. We can say that our metal detectors and magnetic separators are useful in those continuous production processes that can be contaminated by metal particles at a given time of production and must be eliminated. Depending on the nature of the contaminating metal, its size and quantity, an appropriate system is required for each specific case.

Our technical office and our R+D department are in charge of studying and solving the problems presented by our client in order to eliminate contaminating metal particles.

After more than 40 years of continuous growth and expansion, our philosophy has been and continues to be to be at the side of our clients. We are known for providing solutions to the problems that could arise from contamination due to the presence of metals in the bulk products treated at their facilities.

Our journey has not been easy, we have encountered difficulties along the way but they have made us more solid and more solvent, more agile and more resolute; in short, they have helped us grow and improve day by day for the benefit of our past, present and future clients.

On our own we would not have been able to get this far, without the invaluable help of our team and our external collaborators we would not have been able to grow and improve and, of course, without our clients we would never have got this far.

Thank you all for continuing to trust us


Although the main market for DRAGO ELECTRONICA started out as national, our expansion into markets outside our territory is becoming increasingly important, and today accounts for 60% of our sales.

We started 40 years ago by entering the Portuguese and French markets with our own representatives. We continue to expand into the Italian, Turkish and Moroccan markets, also with representatives in these countries.

We have also entered the Latin American market and Arab countries through our company’s partners.

All this allows us to say that the presence of our company and brand in the international market is increasingly evident, which guarantees the quality of our products and services, obtaining thousands of satisfied customers in the markets where we operate


The basic pillars of Drago Electronica are the quality of its services, customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the System’s efficiency

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We are part of consolidated associations, exporting our products to more than 20 countries.